Welcome to PIPSA

PIPSA is striving to make Panama the international shipping industry’s choice for offloading marine bilge water & slop oils while providing cost-effective, environmentally responsible collection and recycling. PIPSA’s focus is on service, reliability, environmental responsibility and innovation. Our team has unwavering commitment to the environment, quality, and service and is redefining the leading edge of renewable energy for the marine industry.

PIPSA is an integrated company located at the entrance of the Panama Canal utilizing its own collection vessels, shore tank storage and technology systems to recycle oil from bilge water and used oils into renewable petroleum products. PIPSA's highly trained personnel have the expertise and the environmental awareness to assure the vessel and their owners that the petroleum waste is properly handled with full accountability. PIPSA's goal is to be the official IMO Port Reception Facility for marine petroleum waste for The Ports of Panama.

Our Mission

PIPSA's mission is to provide a new standard in bilge water and used oil collections focused on service, reliability, responsibility and innovations. Our team with commitment to the enviornment, quality and service will redefine the leading edge of responsibility in the marine industry.