Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Petroleos Independientes de Panama, SA (PIPSA) is a green company, founded in 2010 and located in Panama's new Economic Zone at Panama Pacifico to service the marine trade for the collection of marine dewatered oils, bilge water, and used oil for treatment, proper disposal and recycling into renewable fuels and lubricant base oils. Due to the increasing environmental awareness and maritime treaties, marine shipping is obligated to dispose of oily water accumulation aboard vessels in an environmentally acceptable manner and in compliance with international laws. PIPSA is a product of this increased environmental awareness and the regulations being instituted around the world for international shipping. PIPSA is positioned to offer a cost effective choice for offloading bilge water/slops while ships are in the process of transiting the Panama Canal and before their ultimate port of destination.

PIPSA will offer the generator a way to dispose of used oil or bilge water while keeping a valuable petroleum commodity from illegally entering the environment. Our company prides itself in using care and discretion in all phases of the oil recycling processes: from collecting, to processing, to storage & handling and finally, recycling. Look to PIPSA to manage all of your petroleum waste needs as your vessel transits the canal!


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